The Berghoff

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17 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois 60603   312-427-3170

In Devil in the White City:

“Within the fair’s buildings, visitors encountered devices and concepts new to them and to the world…. a new beer did well, winning the exposition’s top beer award.  Forever afterward its brewer called it Pabst Blue Ribbon.”  p 242

 In Real Life:

Eric Larson doesn’t exactly mention The Berghoff in The Devil in the White City, but he talks about how Pabst Blue Ribbon got its name at the World’s Fair.  Stay with me now- because I’m making a leap. Since Larson talked about beer making a debut – I think we can jump to Herman Joseph Berghoff. He was brewing beer with his brothers in Fort Wayne, Indiana and he decided the World’s Fair was just the place to make his beer a little more widely known. He sold it in the midway and then opened The Berghoff in downtown Chicago a few years later. During prohibition he expanded his food menu and Berghoff became the place for German food in Chicago. And it still is! You must have the beer! You’ll be drinking the very same beer fairgoers drank on the midway. The mini brats and sauerkraut is a good move too!

Don’t Miss:

The photographs of the World’s Fair around the restaurant are fabulous.  And surrounding those photos are murals of the fair.  It’s a nice spot to get a feel for what the fair really looked like.

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