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1 West Washington Street,  Chicago, Illinois 60602   312-368-1900

In Devil in the White City:

“It’s restaurant is called Atwood, after Charles Atwood, who replaced Root as Burnham’s chief designer.”  p378

In Real Life:

It’s a great thing! Eric Larson actually talks about the restaurant, Atwood, in The Devil in the White City. He threw it out there right at the end of the book – in the epilogue, in fact – like a gift. The restaurant is located at the base of what’s called the Reliance Building. And what he’s talking about – chronicled here – is how the architect Charles Atwood took over designing the building when John Root – of Burnham and Root architectural firm – died in the middle of the project. So, years later, when the building wasDSC_0032 refurbished and turned into a hotel – the restaurant was named after Charles Atwood. Now – I have been to the restaurant twice – once when I first started tripping on books and then again recently.  The restaurant has undergone a fantastic remodel and hired a new chef and the results are fantastic – the Eggs Benedict is solid. Don’t get carried away with the experience inside Atwood and forget about checking out the hallway going into the elevator where you can see the history of the building.

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