South Beach Fish Market

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3640 South Coast Highway 101, South Beach, Oregon  541-867-6800

In Strand

“We didn’t stop. Instead we continued driving north to South Beach, where we stopped at a favorite fish and chips shop and ordered at the counter.  While I waited at the Formica table for our fish to fry, Jack browsed the reading material strewn on a nearby counter – mostly real estate flyers and tourist guides.”  Page 186

In Real Life:                              

It took a tiny bit of investigative work to turn up the South Beach Fish Market as the place where Bonnie Henderson and her friend Jack might have eaten on their South Beach stop in Strand. I googled “South Beach” and “fish and chips” and South Beach Fish Market blinked at me from my screen. So – when I went to check it out – I walked in with my husband – we IMG_1732too were able to order at the counter – oyster shooters and an order of fish and chips. I looked at the tables – inspecting them for formica – it was faux wood. I did find some formica on a bar off to the side where youImage can sit on stools to eat. I was pretty sure then we had the right place. Our food came and we took it outside to one of the picnic tables which sit under the watchful eye of an alien ship which seemed to have landed on the roof of a cooking hut. I was feeling we were in the right place – but when I took my first bite of fish – which I am thinking about, still – right now – there was no question I was enjoying what Henderson described as a “favorite fish and chips shop.” However – I am open to suggestions about any other fish place where Henderson might have eaten.

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