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It was summer – and I was headed Las Vegas to watch my son play basketball. I always like to trip on a book when I’m not watching games on those tournament trips – and this time – I decided to trip on Colossus. I explored Boulder City with my sister on one day, hit Hoover Dam with my son and his friend on another and then went to back with my husband – on the weekend we attended a surprise (long story, not ours) wedding in Las Vegas. Anyway – the best thing about Boulder City is that it looks pretty much the same as it did in the early 1930’s. There’s been nothing like – let’s say – a population explosion which might have overpowered the original layout. I think it’s fun to look at the plan the architect, Saco Rienk DeBoer, came up with for Boulder City and compare it to what really went down. I started this tour at the Boulder Dam hotel and moved around town following the very cool walking tour guide I picked up at Boulder City Visitor Center.

Boulder City

Boulder Dam Hotel

Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum

Movie Theater

Water Tank

Bureau of Reclamation Administration

Wilbur Square Park

Bureau Worker Homes

Frank Crowe’s House

Six Companies Executive Lodge

Sims Ely Home

Six Companies Hospital

St. Christopher’s Church

Old City Hall

Boulder City Elementary School

Business District

Grace Community Church

Six Company Worker Homes

Hoover Dam Area

Hoover  Dam

Lake Mead

Dead Ends

Anderson Brother’s Mess

Manix and Vaughn Department Store

Las Vegas

There are a few mentions of Las Vegas in Colossus.  Interestingly, even if you have been to Las Vegas and  spent a weekend partying on the strip, you probably never went to any of these places.

Fremont Street

Las Vegas High School


Boulder City has a few guides to help you navigate through the history of the town.

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