Water Tank

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In Colossus:  

“The construction of Boulder City started in April 1931 with the erection of a giant water tank – to this day the outstanding municipal landmark on a rocky outcropping atop Hemenway Wash.”  Page 253

In Real Life:

The first thing to go up in Boulder City – according to Michael Hiltzik, in Colossus, was the water tank. From there – came the town. And that water tank is still perched on top of that outcropping and you can see it from wherever you are in Boulder City. Not only that – it still supplies much of the water to the town. This picture, taken from that hilltop in 1932 shows the construction of the town. The water tank was my first stop when I started exploring the town. I thought about hiking up to it to really check it out – I’m like that. But I was there in summer and it was about 600 degrees outside. I eschewed that idea and instead opted to snap off a picture from my air-conditioned car. I could see though – if you are there in winter – it might make for a nice hike up to the spot where it all started back in 1931.

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