Bureau of Reclamation Headquaters

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500 Fir St, Boulder City, Nevada  89005

In Colossus:  

“The new plan, accordingly, clustered the bureau’s employees’ homes around Reclamation’s hacienda style administration building, at the highest point in town most exposed to the cooling breezes.”  Page 255

In Real Life:

I couldn’t wait to see it – the Bureau of Reclamation headquarters. It’s where so much happened in ColossusThe building was the hub for Super Hero and Chief Engineer Frank Crowe, and so many more who made the whole Hoover Dam thing happen. And today that headquarters in Boulder City is one of five regional offices for the Bureau of Reclamation. The people who work there control all the water in the Lower Colorado region – which includes southern Nevada, southern California, some of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. I have to say it is a beautiful building. I took a little stroll around it – and the landscaping is very nice – drought tolerant. I was there on a weekend so I did not see people coming and going, but on weekdays, Bureau of Reclamation workers still report for duty – only now they’re not building a dam out in Black Canyon – they are – among other things – dispersing the water the massive Hoover Dam project harnessed.

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