Frank Crowe’s House

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dsc_00151411 Denver Street, Boulder City, Nevada  89005

In Colossus:

“Joining the Reclamation hands in their hilltop district was Frank Crowe, for whom Six Companies built a “substantial villa.” Nicknamed “Crowe’s Nest” for its 360-degree view, it was very likely the most lavish family residence in Boulder City.”  255

In Real Life:

I’m a junkie for a good house – so, of course, I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to check out what Michael Hiltzik calls a “substantial villa,” in Colossus. Especially – because the house belonged to Frank Crowe the Chief Engineer on the Hoover Dam Project. According to Hiltzik, Crowe was THE MAN. A reporter at the time described him like this: “He had the physique of an Olympic gladiator, temperament of an artist, hand of a musician, judgement of Solomon, patience of a Job, poise of a Chief Justice, and the sociability of an Elk.” So, I was curious how Six Companies would set up a guy like that. I headed up Denver street to the very end – the top of the highest hill in town and found the home. It didn’t look like anyone was there so I took a chance. I just kept driving right up to the house – and noticed that the driveway went all the way around it – so that’s what I did – I circled it. I thought if I got caught I could just say I was lost. I got a good look at everything – and yes – there is a 360-degree view – and yes – it does look lavish in a Spanish Bungalow kind of way – even all these years later.

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