Six Company Worker Homes

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Avenue’s B, C, D and California Avenue between New Mexico and Wyoming Streets

In Colossus:

“Six Companies threw up row after row of these indistinguishable two and three room bungalows designed so simply that a two-man carpentering crew could assemble three of them in two days.”  Page  255

In Real Life:

Now if you remember, as Michael Hiltzik told us in Colossusthat was not the plan for the neighborhood where the dam workers would live – the people who were actually doing all the heavy lifting. In fact – this was the plan. The architect Saco Rienk DeBoer wanted to have park-like open spaces and even – believe it or not – schools. But the plan got a little expensive so in the end the parks were axed and initially, so were the schools because the powers thought the workers would be mostly single men. However, as Hiltzer points out, everyone loved it there anyway. They felt an overwhelming sense of purpose and community. And it sure beat living in tents and cars and out in the open in the so-called Ragtown that had grown up along the river out by the dam in the early days of the project. I was very interested in seeing what a home that went up in a matter of days would look like all these years later. I have to say – on my drive by – I thought they looked pretty good.

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