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225 Arizona St, Boulder City, NV 89005

In Colossus:

“Instead, Boulder City stayed open all night to serve the men on all three shifts – the movie theater, for example, scheduled a swing shift matinee in the morning, another show in the afternoon, and two at night.”  258

In Real Life:

I felt a little warm while I was reading what the dam workers endured in Colossus. So, I was very relieved for them when Michael Hiltzik revealed they had one air-conditioned place they could go – the movie theater, or more precisely, Boulder Theater. Apparently, movies played around the clock at the Boulder so no matter what shift you worked you could go in and get cool and feel good for a little while. The theater was one of the first places I planned to explore when I got to Boulder City – after enjoying breakfast at the Boulder Dam Hotel. However, I was disappointed to learn from the waitress that it’s no longer a movie house.  But it’s still there, it’s a dance studio and Desi Arnez Jr. owns it. Yes, that’s Lucy’s son!  He lives in Boulder City.

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