Las Vegas High School

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315 North 7th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada  89101

In Colossus:

“The burgeoning population of grammar school children quickly burst the seams of the original schoolhouse, requiring them to attend in half-day shifts.  High-Schoolers would continue to travel to Las Vegas, a fifty-six mile round trip every school day, until a permanent high school was opened in Boulder City in 1941.”  Page 269

In Real Life:  

The high school all those kids were bused to – as Michael Hiltzik says in Colossus – turns out to be quite a thing.  It’s a fantastic example of the Art Deco Style of Architecture.  Las Vegas High School opened in the fall of 1931 just about when the Hoover Dam project brought a rush of people to the Las Vegas area. The high school and the neighborhood surrounding it offer a glimpse into early Las Vegas. The neighborhood is actually called the Las Vegas High School Neighborhood and its significance is spelled out on a marker in front of the school. The High School is no longer used as a high school. The building is now something else – the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing, and Visual Arts.

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