Fremont Street

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Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada

In Colossus: 

“Everyone entering town was shocked and moved by the sight of men massed in quest of work.  Thomas Cave Wilson, a twenty-four-year-old newspaper reporter with a job offer from Pop Squires at the Age, arrived from Reno late one afternoon in a nine-passenger jitney. As they cruised down Fremont Street, he tapped the driver on the shoulder.

‘Is there going to be a parade or something?’

‘Why do you ask?’ the driver replied.

‘Well, all these crowds,’ Wilson said.  ‘The streets are use black with people standing on the sidewalk.’

‘Those are men waiting for jobs on the dam.'”  Page 185

DSC_7711In Real Life:

Fremont street was the epicenter of the tiny town of Las Vegas all those years ago as Michael Hiltzik spells out in Colossus. And it’s crazy, but Fremont street is still jammed with people every night of the week!  Only now – people aren’t looking for jobs – but are showing up for a wild light show that takes place on a ceiling along the street. DSC_7909It comes with bands and dancing-girls. It’s definitely worth a stroll.  And you should make a point of stopping into La Bayou. I tried to find the casinos that might have been on Fremont Street when all those dam workers flooded Las Vegas and La Bayou is one of those. However, it was called the Northern Club at the time. Incidentally, it was run by a woman – Mayme Stocker – who was also the first woman to get a gaming license IMG_6092in Las Vegas. Another casino that might have been visited by our dam workers was the Golden Gate.  It’s been in town since 1907. It started as the Hotel Nevada, but by the time the dam workers might have been going there it would have been called Sal Sagev, which is Las Vegas spelled backward. Weird.It became the Golden Gate in 1955 when some guys from San Francisco bought it and renamed it.

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