Sims Ely Home

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401 Utah Street, Boulder City,  Nevada 89005

In Colossus:

“Sim’s Ely reported for duty as city manager of Boulder City (his official title) on October 3, 1931.  A few months shy of his seventieth birthday, he had come to take charge of a community that was not yet quite born.”  Page 251

In Real Life:

He’s one of the most memorable characters in Colossus – City Manager Ely Sims.  He ran the town like a tight ship from 1931 to 1941.  He was so strict, and had such an unwavering sense of morals, Michael Hiltzik says they called him, “Deacon.”  It’s fitting, I think, that his house is right next door to The Bureau of Reclamation headquarters.  He was probably the second most powerful force in the new town.  However, as you can see, his house is not very interesting – architecturally speaking.

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