St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church

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812 Arizona St. Boulder City, Nevada  89005   702-293-4275

In Colossus:

“The first church services were held in a multi denominational worship house that had been conceived as a temporary expedient by a delegation of fourteen Las Vegas pastors who met with (Jean) Page in March 1931 to look over church blueprints.”  Page 259

In Real Life:

Thousands of workers converged on Boulder City and they had many needs – among them – the need to worship. In ColossusMichael Hiltzik talks about how the city built one church and everybody worshiped together – a multi-denominational kind of thing. It didn’t seem to last that long – I mean, how could it? I noticed in this handy document, that early on four congregations built their own churches and, of those, two still remain in their original iteration – St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church and Grace Community Church. I went to see St. Christopher’s and I was looking forward to walking around inside because I really enjoy walking through a quiet church. I tried to poke my head in on a weekday and was surprised it wasn’t open. So you might want to check the hours. Believe it or not – there are now eighteen churches in Boulder City.

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