Six Companies Executive Lodge

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1400 Lodge Road,  Boulder City, Nevada  89005

In Colossus:

dsc_0022“(Henry) Kaiser had demonstrated his instinct for public relations at the outset of the project by persuading his partners to build a deluxe guesthouse in Boulder City. The board members initially balked at this unprecedented $25,000 frill for what Kaiser, who predicted that as the world’s preeminent public work the dam would attract a parade of VIPs, many of whom would be in a position to do Six Companies good if properly coddled. He got his way. The guesthouse was superbly appointed, big enough to accommodate six visitors at a time, air-conditioned, and staffed with a butler, liveried servants, and a notch chef. It proved so popular that the board members soon were squabbling with each other to secure vaccines for their invited guests. They even considered charging visitors a fee.”  Page 283

In Real Life:

The Six Companies Executive Lodge is located on Lodge Road – on the same hilltop where I found Frank Crowe’s house. It’s the place where – as Michael Hiltzik says in Colossus –all the big wigs, even President Herbert Hoover, were coddled when they came to town. The Community Development Department in Boulder City told me the house is privately owned these days and not available dsc_0024for tours. I made my way up there anyway – even passing a sign warning me the road I was on was private. It ended at the former Executive Lodge. I got out – it was early in the morning – and standing there on the side of the house I could picture there all the hubbub of a presidential visit. I snapped a few pictures, then thought I heard something so I raced back to the car – but during my escape I noticed the house had an amazing view – so I stopped long enough to grab this shot too.

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