The Dillinger

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1224 Arizona Street, Boulder City, Nevada   702-293-4001

In Colossus:

“By mid-1932 Ely had licensed 113 businesses in Boulder City without suffering, as he proudly remarked, a single failure.  Among them were a department store, a grocery, two drugstores, two menswear stores (and one for ladies), two butcher shops, two beauty salons, four restaurants, a movie theater, mortuary, and tailor.”  Page 261

In Real Life:

In Colossus, Michael Hiltzik talks about the rapid growth of the town of Boulder City. Now, Dillinger was not around when Frank Crowe was building Hoover Dam and Sims Ely was running the town of Boulder City. However, I’m saying the restaurant is completely linked to the book because the building it occupies was part of that rapid growth. Dillinger is located in what was the bank.  It was also – at one time – a drug store.

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