Coffee Cup Cafe

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In Colossus:

“By mid-1932 Ely had licensed 113 businesses in Boulder City without suffering, as he proudly remarked, a single failure. Among them were a department store, a grocery, two drugstores, two menswear stores (and one for ladies), two butcher shops, two beauty salons, four restaurants, a movie theater, mortuary, and tailor.”  Page 261

In Real Life:  

As you know by now – I only visit places mentioned in the books I read. However, there are times when I have to get a little creative.  So – I’m saying – Michael Hiltzik indirectly writes about Coffee Cup Cafe in Colossus. When I went back to Boulder City for a third time with my husband – I wanted to show him the downtown business district. He asked – Are we going to the Coffee Cup?  I said – What?  He said – It’s super popular – been there for years – and the guy from Dives and Diners did a thing on it. Really?  So – we went – had the best burrito ever – and soaked up the vibe – which was cool. So – I added it under the heading of experiencing the downtown businesses district.  The Coffee Cup opened in 1994 and it’s still going strong – it has ridiculously high reviews everywhere I looked.

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