Lake Mead

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In Colossus:

“A few short miles out of town, at a broad plain affording an unbroken vista of the terrain looking east, the motorcade pulled off the road to peer at a distant ribbon of water. This was the doomed Moapa Valley.  Within a few short years it would lie entirely submerged beneath Lake Mead. The reservoir had begun filling the previous February and had already reached a level sufficient to support a flotilla of tourist boats offering round-trips to the dam’s upstream face for 80 cents per passenger.”  Page 370

In Real Life:

In Colossus, President Roosevelt’s motorcade stopped to admire a newly formed Lake Mead. I LOVE motorcade – but I didn’t see how I would pull that off – so I settled for taking a look at Lake Mead from the Hoover Dam walkway. My son, his friend and my sister and I had a nice stroll along the top of the dam. I have to say I was a little worried – what with every time I see Hoover Dam in a movie it gets destroyed – like in Apocalypse, when the water in the lake got so hot the dam collapsed. And just lately – in another movie, San Andreas, an earthquake made that whole thing we were walking on buckle. Anyway – we made it across safely. As far as I can tell there is not a flotilla of boats going to the dam these days, and it’s not eighty cents any more – darn it.  But there is one company that gives tours.  The reviews aren’t that great – especially about the recorded tour voice – however, the boat takes you right up to the wall of the dam.  I think it would be worth listening to a droning voice to get that close to the dam from the water. That’s just me though. There is also the opportunity to see Lake Mead on a dinner tour or a Sunday brunch tour.  That might be a fun way to do it too!

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