Manix and Vaughn Department Store

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1400 B Street and 1404 Wyoming Street, Boulder City, Nevada  89005

In Colossus:

“The Reclamation and Six Company families almost never mixed.  They shopped in different stores – the Reclamation families in the independent Manix and Vaughn Department Store; the works, living paycheck to paycheck or on scrip, in the Six Companies commissary.”  Page 265

In Real Life:

I love a good shopping opportunity.  However, Manix and Vaughn is not one.  Everything I could find about the store came from this article. And there are some clues on this document. Apparently it was started by a guy named J.C. Manix from Montana.  He and his partner, Mr. Vaughn – that’s what the article calls him – started the store.  It seems like it attracted a high-end clientage. When he died it fell to his wife.  It seems it was at least partially torn down.

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