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So – suddenly we were going to St. Louis. It was my daughter’s senior year at University of Chicago and we wanted to see her play volleyball one last time. We decided we could see the most games if we went to a tournament at Washington University. That’s when I started poking around for a book and ran across The Glass Menagerie. I came loaded for bear – cameras, iPad, Macbook – I was ready to watch a little volleyball, and between games, explore St. Louis for signs of Tennessee Williams.  And this – is what I found.

Delmar District

Washington University

Tivoli Theatre

Tennessee Williams Walk of Fame Star

Enright Place Apartment

University City

Pershing Avenue Home

University City High


Aberdeen Place Home

Wydown Avenue Home

Central West End

Forest Park

St. Louis Zoological Park

Jewel Box

St. Louis Art Museum

Barnes Hospital

Soldan High School

Westminister Street Apartment

South Taylor Street Apartment

Wednesday Club

Tennessee Williams Sculpture in Writer’s Corner

Washington Avenue District

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