Glass Menagerie Apartment

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4633 Westminster, St. Louis, Missouri  63108

In The Glass Menagerie:

“The apartment faces an alley and is entered by a fire escape, a structure whose name is a touch of accidental poetic truth, for all of these huge buildings are always burning with the slow and implacable fires of human desperation. The fire escape is part of what we see — that is, the landing of it and steps descending from it.”  Page 35

In Real Life:

Tennessee Williams lived in many places around St. Louis but this one gets the most attention because it’s the building Tennessee Williams is describing in the opening scene in The Glass Menagerie. However – it appears the actual event he was writing about took place at another address – the Enright Place apartment. Williams lived in this building with his family in 1921 when he was about 10 years old.IMG_7653 This building, now called “The Tennessee,” has been remodeled but it still matches the description you’ll find on the first page of the The Glass Menagerie. I walked around the back and marveled how the building Williams wrote about so many years ago still looks the same – right down to the fire escapes. It looks as though – even today – people enter their apartments through their back doors. And I think – if you look very closely, you might even see the “slow and implacable fires of human desperation.”


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