Tivoli Theater


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Tivoli Theatre  6350 Delmar Blvd, St Louis, Missouri 63130  314-727-7271

In The Glass Menagerie:

Tom: I’m going to the movies. [He goes out the screen door.]
Amanda: Not to the movies, every night to the movies! [She follows quickly to the screen door.] I don’t believe you always go to the movies!”  Page 187

In Real Life:

Tom Wingfield, in The Glass Menageriewas always dashing off to a movie. And he might have been dashing off to the Tivoli Theater. Here’s why I say that. First of all, the city of St. Louis says it right on this website. But also, the play is said to be strongly autobiographical and so we can figure then – what Tom did – Tennessee Williams did while he lived in St. Louis. And the theater is blocks from the apartment where Williams lived with his family on Enright Street. And it was a streetcar ride away from his families’ other addresses. The Tivoli was built in 1924 and it was all the rage in William’s youth. By the early 1990’s, it and the neighborhood around it, had fallen into disrepair. These days though – I found the theater right in the center of all things cool, including the St. Louis Walk of Fame, on Delmar Boulevard. It turns out the couple who owns the famous Blueberry Hill Cafe bought it and renovated it. During the time Williams lived in St. Louis, the theater ran first run films. Now – however it features independent and art films.

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