Soldan High School


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918 Union Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri  63108

In The Glass Menagerie:

Tom  “I knew that Jim and Laura had known each other at Soldan, and I had heard Laura speak admiringly of his voice. I didn’t know if Jim remembered her or not. In high school Laura had been as unobtrusive as Jim had been astonishing. ” Page 115

In Real Life:

I thought for sure Soldan High School must be a fictional place – so imagine my surprise when I googled it and it popped right up. It turns out Tennessee Williams went to the high school for one year and when he was writing The Glass Menagerie he reached right back to that experience and sent his characters there too. I called Soldan to see if there was anything special to see when it came to Williams or if the school’s place in literature is remembered in any way – a plaque maybe – and the answer is no. However – I went to check it out anyway because – I’m just like that. I thought it was interesting to look at the building that was on William’s mind when he put pen to paper writing the play – I liked looking at its name etched in stone above the entrance. The building even has some architectural interest. It’s been around since 1909 and A Guide to Architecture in St Louis says the school is one of the city’s best examples of “open and rational interiors.” So, if you have a chance – look around. It is now called Soldan International Studies High School and that’s exactly what its focus is.

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