The Real Glass Menagerie Apartment

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6245 Enright, St. Louis, Missouri  63112

In The Glass Menagerie:

“The Wingfield apartment is in the rear of the building, one of those vast hive-like conglomerations of cellular living-units that flower as warty growths in overcrowded urban centers of lower middle-class population and are symptomatic of the impulse of this largest and fundamentally enslaved section of American society to avoid fluidity and differentiation and to exist and function as one interfused mass of automatism.”  Page 35

In Real Life:  

Now, who doesn’t want to see “… one of those vast hive-like conglomerations of cellular living-units?” Well, I did, IMG_7361but this turned out to be a little tricky. The place where the real events of The Glass Menagerie took place, according to Dakin Williams, Tennessee’s brother, is on Enright street. It was there he has said – in 1933 – one of Tennessee Williams’ college buddies showed up as a gentleman caller to visit his sister Rose. And that visit was the inspiration for the play. Now – the Williams family lived at that address while Tennessee was away at college. And he returned to the apartment when his father could no longer afford his schooling at University of Missouri.  I went out to see the building and it turns out it’s no longer there. In fact – it looked like something was being built at that address. But if you walk around the neighborhood you’ll find many of the apartment houses which look like the ones Williams described in the first moments of The Glass MenagerieNow to the tricky part – the place famously and mistakenly known as the actual apartment where the play was set is one Williams lived in when he was a boy.  You can read all about it on this link.

Where Tennessee Williams lived in and around St. Louis, Missouri

1918:  4633 Westminster, St Louis

1922:  5 South Taylor, St Louis

1924:  5938 Cates Avenue, St. Louis

1926:  Enright Place, St. Louis

1935:  6635 Pershing Avenue, University City

1938:  42 Aberdeen Place, Clayton

1940:  53 Arundal, Clayton

1955:  6360 Wydown, St. Louis, Missouri

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