Calvary Cemetery

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5239 West Florissant Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri  63115   314-381-1313

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It’s a crazy thing going to go look at where someone is buried. If you think about it – what are you looking at? A stone? A few words. I love doing it but I can’t tell you why I do it – except in the case of Tennessee Williams.  When it comes to touring the city of St. Louis looking for signs of The Glass Menagerie – going to the place where Williams is buried is a perfect ending to the tour. The play is a memory play – featuring three people – Tennessee, his mother and his sister. And that is exactly what you will see when you find Williams’ grave.  He is buried between the two of them.

DSC_8473There is great debate about DSC_8482the death of Tennessee Williams – how he died and then how he was buried the one place he didn’t want to be buried – St. Louis.  It’s said he wanted to be thrown off a boat north of Havana in the spot where the poet, Crane Hart, made a suicidal leap from a cruise ship. But I found it comforting that his remains are situated right between the two women who he loved the most in his life and took care of – with his earnings – until their deaths. I got a little emotional standing there between the three of them. I think his brother Dakin Williams did the right thing by bringing Williams home to St. Louis to rest.

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