Rubicam Business School

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4931 to 4933 Del Mar Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri  63108

In The Glass Menagerie:

Amanda: As you know, I was supposed to be inducted into my office at the D.A.R. this afternoon.
[Screen image: A swarm of typewriters.]
But I stopped off at Rubicam’s Business College to speak to your teachers about your having a cold and ask them what progress they thought you were making down there.
Laura: Oh. . . .
Amanda: I went to the typing instructor and introduced myself as your mother. She didn’t know who you were. “Wingfield,” she said, “We don’t have any such student enrolled at the school!”

In Real Life:

It’s no surprise Tennessee Williams picked Rubicam Business School to send Laura off to in the The Glass Menagerie.  It appears, in 1930, Tennessee and his sister Rose took a course there together.  Apparently she failed.  Because I’m weird like that – I went to check it out. Unfortunately, there is no school at the address any longer.

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