Jewel Box

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McKinley Drive, St. Louis, Missouri  63110

In The Glass Menagerie:

LAURA: I went in the art museum and the bird houses at the Zoo. I visited the penguins every day! Sometimes I did without lunch and went to the movies. Lately I’ve been spending most of my afternoons in the Jewel Box, that big glass house where they raise the tropical flowers.”

In Real Life:

I have to say – I was a little mesmerized by the Jewel Box. First of all, I was intrigued by the name. Then, when I looked it up and found it was a big fancy greenhouse, I was doubly intrigued. When I went to see it – I walked all around it, and inside and around the pond out front and I could easily see how Laura, in The Glass Menageriecould spend most of her afternoons there. The building is made of four thousand panes of glass. And once you get over that – you can marvel at the exotic plants inside and all around it. Apparently, it was not only a favorite of the fictional Laura Wingfield in the play but also of Tennessee Williams and his real-life sister, Rose.  The Jewel Box was built in 1936 and it’s recently been renovated prompting the city to say that the Jewel box is once again the jewel of Forest Park.

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