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I found The Pursuit of Lucy Banning at a tiny bookstore just off the campus of the University of Chicago. I fell in love with the place the first time I saw it. You have to duck your head under a moss covered awning and climb down thin steps to get inside. And then –  a literary world opens up for you. I browsed the store on my first visit – eager to learn as much about the university as possible because I was leaving my daughter there to start a whole new life without us. I spotted the book and snapped it up.  It turned out to be a nice little primer on the Gilded Age – and the university played a small role in that. But the story also escorted me around some other neighborhoods in Chicago.

South-side of Chicago

University of Chicago

World’s Columbian Exposition Grounds

Statue of the Republic

Prairie Avenue District

Prairie Avenue District

Glessner House

Kimball House

Pullman Lot

Second Presbyterian Church

Downtown Chicago

Michigan Avenue

Marshall Field’s Department Store

Ferris Wheel

Dead Ends

Banning House

Armour House

Calumet Club

Columbia Yacht Club

Armory Building

St. Andrews Orphanage

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