The Walnut Room

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111 State Street, Chicago, Illinois

In The Pursuit of Lucy Banning:

“Marshall Field’s store was just the place. Choosing something from the rack seemed so much simpler to Lucy than selecting fabric and looking at sketches and going to fittings and acting like every dress was a wedding gown.” Page 176

In Real Life:

In The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, Lucy chose some ready made clothing off the rack. Now, I might be stretching here but – I think you can go to Marshall Field’s for more than just the clothing.  How about the food?  It’s true – in the book – Lucy never eats there but that doesn’t mean you can’t.  It turns out the Walnut Room is a pretty popular and historic too. Its the first restaurant opened inside a department store.  It opened in 1907 and quickly earned the nickname The Walnut Room because the walls are made of Circassian Walnut paneling.  The name stuck and now more than a hundred years later you can still enjoy the room. People especially enjoy the Walnut Room during the holidays because the decorations are ridiculous.

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