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I tracked this book in two visits. The first visit I sold to my husband as an wedding anniversary trip. He fell for it. He didn’t read A Tale of Two Valleys, but he still had fun going from place to place with me – hearing my read on Alan Deutshman’s read on Sonoma. However – I couldn’t be too aggressive – it would become more like work rather than play – so I had to leave some stops out. Then, a couple of months later I sold the idea of a Sonoma visit to my son. It was a particularly inviting offer because he had just gotten his learners permit and I told him he could drive the WHOLE day. He fell for it too – and we had a great time mopping up the loose ends in Sonoma. I’ve stacked the locations in an order that begins with Deutshman’s drive into Sonoma County on Highway 37 – and continues with a sweep through Sonoma Plaza and around its perimeter – ending at the home of General Vallejo. The best thing about this tour is most of it happens in about a square mile.

Sonoma County

Sonoma Bridge

Old Barn

Angelo’s Beef Jerky

Downtown Sonoma

Sonoma Plaza

Sonoma City Hall

Duck Pond

Sebastiani Theater

Readers’ Books

Sonoma Mission

Vella Cheese Company

The Patch

The Hill

Sonoma Walking Path

Sonoma Cemetery

Vallejo Home

Armstrong Estates

 Glen Ellen

Jack London House

 Dead Ends

Arrowsmith Farms

Sage Marketing

Modern Eve


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