Duck Pond

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453 1st Street East, Sonoma, California, 95476DSC_1117

In A Tale of Two Valley:

“ROOSTER ATTACKS BOY AT SONOMA PLAZA CHICKENS KNOWN TO CAUSE PROBLEMS.   A 3-year-old Santa Rosa boy suffered lacerations on his face and head when a rooster attacked the child during a family trip to the duck pond at Sonoma Plaza over the weekend.” Page 41

In Real Life:

This is the scene of the crime.  The duck pond is where – as Alan Deutschman recounts in A Tale of Two Valleys – a chicken attacked a young boy. The attack set off a series of events which Deutschman uses to illustrate the characteristics of the town of Sonoma.  The duck pond apparently got its start in Sonoma quite by accident. It seems to have been created – according to Bob Parmelee who wrote Pioneer Sonoma – when workers, in the 1840’s, dug soil out of the center of the plaza to make adobe bricks.

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