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520 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois  60605    312-427-3800

In Devil in the White City:

“Workers began building the Auditorium on June 1, 1887.  The result was an opulent structure that for the moment was the biggest private building in America. ” Page 318

In Real Life:

Louis Sullivan’s Auditorium – which he designed with Dankmar Adler – made a big splash at the World’s Columbian Exposition. It had size – bigger than New York’s Metropolitan Opera House, which at the time was a big thing, it had electricity – an even bigger thing – and air conditioning – the biggest thing of all. The Auditorium is still big and still in use. However – when I walked up I could see it’s owned now by Roosevelt University which puts on plays and ballets and concerts year round. I also noticed it’a a National Historic Landmark.  There’s a self-guided tour you can download if you love to marvel over architectural achievements.

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