Where to Stay, Walden

Colonial Inn

48 Monument Square

Concord, MA  01742



Henry David Thoreau does not mention the Colonial Inn in Walden, but it played a big role in his life. He lived in the Inn while he was going to Harvard University in Boston from 1835 to 1837.  Not only that, the Inn was also named, for a short time, The Thoreau House and it was run by Thoreau’s sisters.  This is your chance to sleep under the same roof that Thoreau slept under.  Do this thing up right and ask for the Thoreau Suite!


The Colonial Inn has managed to weave itself into many of the historic happenings in Concord, probably because it’s been there since 1716.  The Inn is also known for its starring role in the first battle of the American Revolution.  The Minutemen stored their arms and supplies in a storehouse on the property.

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