Kungsträdgården Park Lemonade Kiosk

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In Doctor Glas: 

“It occurred to me I had once or twice met him at this time of day by the lemonade kiosk on the market-place. So I went there. Naturally, he was not to be seen, but anyway I sat down on one of the benches beneath the great trees by the church wall to drink a glass of Vichy water while I “glanced through my Aftonblad. Hardly had I unfolded it and fastened my eyes on the standing bold-type headlines: The Dreyfus Affair—when I heard heavy crunching steps on the gravel, and the Rev. Gregorius stood before me.”  i186

“Opening the newspaper over my morning coffee, I saw that the Rev. Gregorious was dead. Quite suddenly, a stroke…. by the lemonade stall in Kungsträdgården Park… one of the better-known doctors, who chanced to be in his company, could only confirm that death had occurred. The deceased was one of the capital’s most popular preachers … had the ear of the public … an agreeable and open-hearted personality …fifty-eight years old …mourned by a wife, née Waller, and an aged mother.” i195

In Real Life:

In Dr. Glas



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