Traneberg Bridge, Kungsholmen

Traneberg Bridge, Kungsholmen

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In Doctor Glas: 
“At last, when I got away, I climbed up on to a tram, the first I could get hold of. It took me far out on to Kungsholmen. I went on by road as far as the Traneberg Bridge. We lived there once, one summer, when I was four or five years old. It was there I caught my first perch on a bent pin. I remembered the precise spot where I stood. Again I stood there a long while, inhaling the familiar smell of stagnant water and sundried tar. Now, as then, swift little perch darted hither and thither under the water. I remembered how greedily I had looked at them, and how hot my longing had been to catch them. And when at last I succeeded, and a tiny, tiny perch, hardly three inches long, was squirming on my hook, I screamed with delight and ran straight home to Mamma with the little fish hopping and shivering in my clutched hand…. I wanted us to eat it for dinner; but Mamma gave it to the cat. That was fun, too. To see how he played with it and then to hear the bones crunching between his fierce teeth….”  Page i195

In Real Life:

In Dr. Glas


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