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In Doctor Glas:

“I went home to free myself of my black trousers and white scarf. At home a pleasant surprise awaited me: my new dark grey suit which I ordered last week was ready and delivered. A blue waistcoat with white spots also forms part of it. It would be hard to achieve a more perfect confection for a Hasselbacken dinner on a fine day in late summer. On the other hand I was worried about Markel’s appearance. For in this respect he is completely unpredictable, one day he can be turned out like a diplomat and the next like a tramp—after all, he knows all sorts of people and is as accustomed to move about in public as at home in his rooms. My anxiety was due neither to vanity nor to fear of others: I am a known man; I have my position; and I can dine at Hasselbacken with a hackney coachman if it amuses me; and as for Markel, I always feel honoured by his company without thinking of his clothes. But it wounds my sense of beauty to see a careless turn-out at a beautifully laid table in an elegant restaurant. It can take away at least half my pleasure. There are bigshots who like to underline their grandeur by going about dressed like junk merchants: this is indecent.”  Page i214

In Real Life:

In Dr. Glas


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