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I thought I knew my Washington, D.C.  I went to Herndon High School in Virginia – so, Washington, D.C. was my stomping ground as a teenager. But my family went west – and so I left it all behind – went to college, got married, had kids, they went to college and then one of my daughters went to live in New York City.  So  – when my husband and I decided to take an East Coast jaunt – a stop in New York City to pick up our daughter and then a visit my nephew and my best friend from high school in D.C. – I started looking for a book.  That’s when I found Advise and Consent.  And we all discovered its pages can lead you on an excellent tour of our nation’s capital.


Lafayette Square

White House

Downtown Washington D.C.

Capital Hilton Hotel (Statler Hotel)

National Press Club

National Mall

United States Capitol Building

Statue of Freedom

Senate Restaurant

New Senate Office Building (Dirksen Building)

Old Senate Office Building (Russell Building)

National Gallery of Art


U.S. Supreme Court

Library of Congress

Botanical Gardens

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

Union Station

Woodley Park, Washington D.C.

Marriot Wardman Park (Sheraton Park Hotel)

National Zoologic Park

Embassy Row

British Embassy

Russian Embassy

French Embassy

Cathedral Park

National Cathedral

Potomac Maryland

Normandie Farms



Main | What to See | Where to Stay | Where to Eat | Book Club Travel


In Advise and Consent:


In Real Life:


In Advise and Consent


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