New Senate Office Building (Dirksen)

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2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002

In Advise and Consent:

“He (Senator Brigham Anderson) decided, after a few more futile attempts to concentrate on his mail, that if he was to get through the day with any sort of reasonable efficiency, he had better go over to the New Office Building, take a swim, and go up to the solarium and lie in the sun for a while until he felt more rested.”  Page 1056

In Real Life:

In Advise and Consent, the New Senate Office Building, where Senator Brigham Anderson goes for a swim and lies out in the sun is no longer called the New Senate Office building.  It’s called the Dirksen Senate Office Building.  And that’s because an even newer one shot up in the 1980’s after Drury wrote his novel. Allen Drury seemingly witnessed the building of the first New Senate Office Building – it sprung up in 1958 – which is probably why he sent Senator Brigham Anderson there.  I found no evidence there is a pool in the building. However, the restaurant seems to present an interesting way to check out the building and to mingle with the people who keep our government ticking every day.

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