Old Senate Office Building (Russell Building)

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2 Constitution Ave NE,  Washington, DC 20002

In Advise and Consent:

“But in the homes of the subcommittee the mood was more serious, for there men were at work going carefully over three days of transcript in preparation for their vote tomorrow. And on the second floor of the Old Senate Office Building in one of the last offices still alight as the hour neared ten, a similar mood held sway, for there the senior Senator from South Carolina, having dismissed his staff, was similarly engaged; and for the process he was mustering all the skill and experience he had ever known in one last supreme effort to work his will on Robert A. Leffingwell.”  Page

In Real Life:

In Advise and Consent, Senator Seab Cooley, the Senior Senator from South Carolina, and one of my favorite characters in the book, had an office in the Old Senate Office Building. Later in the book, Drury reveals that Senator Brigham Anderson’s is just below him.  Of course, that’s where a MAJOR TURNING POINT in the book occurs. And of course, that’s why I wanted to see the office.

The Old Senate Office Building is now called the Russell Senate Office Building and Senators reach it by an underground subway. The website even mentions Advise and Consent.


It took me awhile to figure it out.  It seems that every Senator has a hideaway office in the Capitol and then they have real offices in either the Russell, the Dirksen or the Hart buildings.

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