National Press Club Restaurant (Fourth Estate)

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 529 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20045

In Advise and Consent:

“But in Washington few sparrows, let alone a United States Senator of his prominence, fall without being noticed by the press, and by sheer happenstance, the AP White House man was returning from a leisurely luncheon at the Press Club just as Orrin alighted from his cab. Surprised and excited, he went at once to the press room and sounded the tocsin. Within seconds the wire services had sent out a note on the wire: “Correspondents: Senator Knox has just arrived secretly to see the President. We are watching.” This immediately stirred up the Press Club bar, the congressional press galleries, and all the newspaper bureaus in town.”  Page 1417

In Real Life:

Any mention of lunch – anywhere – makes me kind of excited.  So – we marched into the National Press Club looking for a “leisurely luncheon,” like the AP White House man enjoyed in Advise and ConsentThe National Press Club started out as a club of sorts for members of the press. Now, from its headquarters in the National Press Building, it not only protects the rights of journalists to report the news, its a venue for everything from press conferences to weddings. And all that’s been taking place in the same building since 1925 – so I was pretty sure it was in the place Allen Drury was writing about.

We took the elevator up to the public restaurant – the Fourth Estate.  The doors were closed.  They were locked too. It turns out the restaurant isn’t open for lunch on weekends.  So I can’t tell you about it – but I read people are generally happy with the food.  It seems like a nice stop for a lunch in the middle of a day of touring the capital. And while you enjoy that you can think of the work journalists do every day – which Drury highlighted – to cover the workings of our government. Maybe you’ll even see one of them  – enjoying a leisurely lunch.


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