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In Advise and Consent:

“My dear,” she said again, “nobody could want that right. The others were wise. It’s too big. Much as I want to help you, and much as I am prepared to help you in whatever you decide, the decision has got to be yours. About all I can say is what I expect Bill said and what I expect the others said: Orrin Knox has lived in a certain way and come to mean certain things to his country and his time. He has to decide now whether he wants to mean something else. It’s as simple as that.”
“Simple!” he said with a groan. “My God, what a word. Look at this,” he said, remembering the paper and giving it to her. “Does this make it simple?”
She glanced at it quickly and handed it back.
“Why don’t you give it to the Smithsonian?” she suggested with a smile. “They have everything else.”  Page i1479


In Real Life:


In Advise and Consent

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