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Connecting the Dots

This is a great adventure. It’s aggressive and action-packed but it will take you not only to most of the places the characters in go Advise and Consent, but also to place’s you’d want to go when you visit Washington, D.C. However it also takes you to some places no one would think about exploring.

Advise and Consent

Sample Itinerary


Check bags at the Marriot Wardman Park (Sheraton Park Hotel) or

Monument Walking Tour

Drinks at Hay Adams, Off the Record

Dinner at The National Press Club


U.S.Capital Tour

Lunch at Capital – Senate Restaurant

Supreme Court, Library of Congress and or the Botanical Gardens

Tour Union Station

Dinner and Book Discussion at The Fourth Estate at The National Press Club


White House Tour

Union Station Tour

Embassy Row Walk

Dinner  at Le Diplomat


National Cathedral Service and Tour

Brunch at Normandie Farms


Building the Excitement

Soup Taste Test

Talking it Over

Advise and Consent is a good reminder of what the play is between the three branches of our government. What reminders did you get from reading it?

The novel was a runaway success. Why do you think that was. Talk about the political climate in America at the time the book came out.

Discuss the role women played in the novel and in real life at the time. Compare your observations to the roles women play now.

What insights did you get about the work of our lawmakers?

What is the Fourth Estate? The press played a big role in the story – discuss the role.

Did you get the impression Allen Drury liked being a reporter – by the way he describes them.

Talk about the quote – He who goes to the Indies must bring with him the wealth of the Indies.  What do you think it means?


Literary Loot

Beach Basket

In Going to Bend:

Highway 101, the west’s westernmost route from Canada to Mexico was the town’s only through street, a straight and single shot lined with gift shops and candy shops and kite shops and a Dairy Queen, shell art and postcards and forty-six flavors of saltwater taffy, homemade right here.”  Page 1

What to do:

Who wouldn’t want an assortment of beach souvenirs?  Zip through town and pick up some and give them away in a gift bag or as special prizes.

Tea Cup and Saucer

In Going to Bend:

“Its shelves were covered in teacups in tiny floral prints, and dozens of matching teapots fancier than anything Petie had ever seen.  She wondered if anyone actually used them.”  Page 144

What to do:

The teacup was very special to Petie.  She even buried it when her mother died.  Pick up a teacup and saucer and give it away as a prize.  Or give it to the person who can best explain what it represented in Petie’s life.

Measuring Spoons

In Going to Bend:

“Petie crept into the kitchen at five thirty in the morning and dug into her utensil drawers for a set of measuring spoons.   They were the ones Eula had given her all those years ago as a wedding present, the present she cherished more than any other gift she and Eddie were given.”   Page 281

What to do:

The other cherished possession in Petie’s life was a set of measuring spoons.  Pick up a nice set of measuring spoons and give them away as a prize.  Or give it to the person who can best explain what it represented in Petie’s life.

Soup Cookbook

What to do:

There are many good cookbooks that focus on soup.  Find one you like on this link and give it away as a prize.

Ainselees Saltwater Taffy

66 Highway 101 SE

Depoe Bay, Oregon


What to do: 

Ainslees has been in Depot Bay for 60 years. Order some saltwater taffy before your book club weekend and send it out to your travelers.  Hammond talks about a place that has 46 flavors.  Unfortunately, this one only has 31.

Baby Ruth

In Going to Bend:

“Petie hunkered down beneath the tarp and unwrapped the candy bar, Baby Ruth, her favorite.”  Page 145

What to do:

Give some away in a gift bag.


The Times They Are A-Changin by Bob Dylan

Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon

Patakha Guddi by Highway

Back In The U.S.S.R by The Beatles

Just Give Me Some Truth by John Lennon

Born in the U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

America the Beautiful by Ray Charles

Respect by Aretha Franklin

Moscow by Michael Jackson

La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong

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