To Do Yosemite

Wake up – Take picture of Marker at 49 and Haight Road

Go to Yosemite – Hike into see Hazel Green Creek – ask at the gate where it is

Three Brothers – he climbed it

Drawing North Dome


One of Muir’s sketches on page 14 of the first edition of My First Summer portrays ‘Second bench.’ The pyramid shape bordering the skyline at the left edge of the picture is Pilot Peak, a third uplift. The sketch shows that Muir was standing a little southwest of the intersection of Holtzel and Greeley Hill Roads, about 200 yards southwest of the Greeley Hill Market.

The other sketch on that page is a view of Horseshoe Bend. We found the spot where Muir made the sketch on top of a rise on Peno Blanco lookout.


figure this out — Second Bench

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