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In My First Summer in the Sierra:


In My Summer in the Sierra – John Muir wrote that his home ranch is a few miles west of French Bar. He arrived there ?  and the rancher – Patrick Delaney – asked Muir to go along with his shepherd to mountains. Then a neighboring rancher gives him a

I have two things to go on.  John Fiske – in 1985 tracked the path Muir took through the mountains on First Sumer treck.  He started at Basso Bridge. I ran and took pictures of it. Then I found this document which in 2009 was an order for an examination of some ranchlands near there which had been used for mining.  The name of the property is Delaney Agregates.  It’s unclear if the owners were the family of Delaney buthancear fhiN bns called Delaney ??\

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