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Big Creek Road,  Newport, Oregon

In Going to Bend:

DSC_3366“The reservoir was way back in the valley outside the Sawyer city limits, a place that was used like a park in the summer but deserted in the winter except for the fishing lines, bobbers and lures that festooned the overhead fishing lines like bunting. Petie drove to a spot she and Schiff had found where they weren’t especially visible from the road and had a view of the water –as though the surroundings were what they came here for.”  Page 220

In Real Life:

I’m pretty sure Petie Coolbaugh and Eddie Schiff met at the Newport Reservoir in Going to Bend. The Newport Reservoir is also known as the Big Creek Reservoir and by all accounts it’s a good place to fish. If you don’t fish you could just go have a look at it like Petie and Schiff did and see if you can find a spot where you’re not likely to be seen. You can find it by following Big Creek Road out of the town of Newport.

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