The Terrace at Langham Hotel and Spa

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1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue,  Pasadena, CA  91106   626-228-3900

In Helen of Pasadena:

“Of course! The brunch at Langhams was the classic gathering spot for party postmortems! ‘Well, the Langhams has a new executive chef and he is really superb,’ I said in my best Mitsy imitation.  Then I added in my own voice,  “And I think you’re fully integrated here if you actually recognize people in the brunch line at the Langham.”   Page 269

In Real Life:

Of course!  You would want to have brunch at Langhams just like everybody in Helen of Pasadena! It all seems to happen at The Terrace – the Sunday brunch looks pretty good – I notice there’s even a Dim Sum Sunday brunch – that’s interesting. I popped in on a weekday so I had lunch on the terrace, at The Terrace, with my husband and mother in law. We didn’t recognize anyone – but we still felt pretty good about ourselves and our Cobb salads.

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