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When I pick a book, I like to make sure there’s something completely valuable on the pages that will enlighten, educate or inspire. For this book, it’s the Huntington Library. What I love most about Helen of Pasadena is that it brings the Huntington to life. I’d been there before, don’t really remember what I did there, except that I almost choked on a tea sandwich.  But seeing The Huntington through Helen’s eyes is completely memorable and doable because you hit only the highlights.  But the Huntington is just the beginning, this tour takes you through some fabulous neighborhoods, to some houses seen in movies, and walks you around the Rose Bowl and might even include for you – the Rose Parade!

Huntington Library, Art Collection and Botanical Gardens

                          The Huntington Library

                          Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art

                          Diana the Huntress

                          The Huntington Art Gallery

                         The Huntington Gardens

Oak Knoll Neighborhood

                           Movie Houses

Rose Bowl

Tournament of Roses Parade

Dead Ends

Law Offices

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