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So – my husband’s birthday was coming up. I decided he needed to celebrate at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey. I know that doesn’t sound very good – but does it sound better when I tell you that right on the grounds of the school is the old Hotel del Monte which Robert Louis Stevenson alluded to in Old Pacific Capital? I think he was excited about it. Anyway – we not only checked out the hotel but we checked out Stevenson’s Monterey which stretches from the mouth of the Salinas River, just north of Monterey, down to Pacific Grove and finally to Carmel. Each stop brings to life the California coast Stevenson learned to love and remembered in his writings. In fact – it’s said – Stevenson modeled his beaches in Treasure Island after the beaches he walked along during his stay in Monterey.

Monterey County

Salinas River Beach Hike


Hotel del Monte  (Navy Gateway Inn & Suites)

Del Monte Railroad Station

Beach Walk

Railroad Ride

Lagoon Walk

Stevenson House

Simoneau Plaza

Pacific Grove

Chinese Fishing Settlement

Religious Retreat

Pinos Lighthouse


Carmel Mission

Dead Ends

Plaza Bonifacio


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