Chung Wa Benevolent Association


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522 7th Avenue, Seattle, Washington  98104

In Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet:

“According to the news article, the Chung Wa Benevolent Association had called for a boycott of the entire Japanese Community.  Henry didn’t know what the Chung Wa was exactly, some sort of Chinatown committee like the Bing Kung like his father belonged to but larger and more political, encompassing not only his neighborhood but the entire region and all the tongs — social networks that sometimes resembled gangs.”  Page 30

In Real Life:

In Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Jaimie Ford talks about the Chung Wa Benevolent Association and what he says just about sums it up. The Chung Wa Benevolent Association, seems to be the seat of power – the over arching association that works out disputes, not only in Chinatown – but represents Chinatown to the state of Washington. Chung Wa is also a place for education – it teaches Chinese language classes. And it’s located in a pretty nice building which was built for the association in 1929.

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