The Bean Field

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Walden Pond State Reservation, 915 Walden Street or Route 126,  Concord, MA   978-369-3254

In Walden:

“I planted about two acres and a half of upland; and as it was only about fifteen years since the land was cleared, and I myself had got out two or three cords of stumps, I did not give it any manure; but in the course of the summer it appeared by the arrowheads which I turned up in hoeing, that an extinct nation had anciently dwelt here and planted corn and beans ere white men came to clear the land, and so, to some extent, had exhausted the soil for this very crop.”  Page 141

In Real Life:

Henry David Thoreau explained, in Walden, how he grew his own food.  He wrote about the bean field he planted and the food he harvested during his stay on Walden Pond. It’s worth the walk to look at the spot where it once was.  You can find it by following the trail to the bean field from the cabin site.

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